How To Convert Oven Cooking Times To Your Air Fryer

If you’re new to cooking in the air fryer, you might be wondering how to adapt traditional recipes for your air fryer. Fortunately, the process is straightforward and involves just a few simple adjustments.

Note: These guidelines are universally applicable, including in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia, and feature values in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Quick Answer: Reduce the oven cooking temperature by 20 degrees Celsius (35 degrees Fahrenheit) and decrease the cooking time by about 20 to 25 percent.

How To Adjust Oven Cooking Temperature and Time

When adapting recipes from a conventional oven to an air fryer, it’s essential to understand the fundamental differences in their cooking methods.

The rapid air circulation in air fryers enables them to cook food at lower temperatures compared to ovens, yet achieve similar or even faster cooking times. This difference significantly impacts how we approach recipe conversions. 

The key to successfully converting oven cooking instructions to air fryer settings lies in two basic modifications: temperature and cooking time.

However, it’s not just the cooking method that influences these conversions. Factors like the size of the air fryer and its wattage play a crucial role too. 

Larger air fryers might cook food slightly differently than smaller ones and higher-wattage models can reach desired temperatures more quickly. 

These variations mean that recipe conversions might need to be adjusted based on the specific characteristics of your air fryer.

Conversion Tips for Different Food Categories

Adapting recipes for the air fryer can vary significantly depending on the type of food. 

Here’s what I’ve learned about converting recipes across various food categories:

Proteins: Chicken, Fish, Pork, Beef

Proteins like chicken, fish, pork, and beef require careful attention when converting. The key factors to consider are the thickness and cut of the meat.

I found that thicker cuts may need a slightly higher temperature and longer cooking time to ensure they’re cooked through, while thinner cuts cook faster and might need lower temperatures to avoid drying out.

For example, a thick chicken breast might require a few more minutes and a slightly higher temperature compared to a thin fillet of fish.

Vegetables: Whole, Roasted, Frozen

Vegetables can vary greatly in their moisture content and desired texture. 

Whole vegetables like potatoes or carrots might need a longer cooking time at a moderate temperature to cook through, while softer vegetables like zucchini or bell peppers cook faster. 

For roasted vegetables, I usually aim for a slightly higher temperature to achieve a crispy exterior.

Baked Goods: Muffins, Cookies, Pies

Generally, a lower temperature is advisable to prevent the outside from burning before the inside is fully cooked.

Depending on the air fryer, you may need to rotate or turn the baked goods halfway through cooking for even results.

Frozen Foods: Pre-made Items, Snacks

Air frying frozen foods requires a slightly different approach:

  • Keep the Temperature Same: Unlike fresh foods, when cooking frozen items, you maintain the same temperature as indicated on the packaging.
  • Halve the Cooking Time: The cooking time, however, should be reduced by half. This ensures that the food cooks evenly without becoming overcooked.

Here are some tips I use for frozen food:

  • Spacing: Make sure there is enough space between the items in the air fryer to ensure even cooking.
  • Moisture: For foods that aren’t breaded, consider adding some oil, lemon, or lime juice, or even cooking them in a sauce to maintain moisture.
  • Turning: Flip the food halfway through the cooking time to promote even cooking.
  • Temperature Check: Always use a food thermometer to confirm that the food has reached the correct internal temperature.

Ensuring Perfectly Cooked Food

Regardless of whether you’re cooking fresh or frozen foods, it’s crucial to ensure they reach a safe internal temperature. 

The best way to do this is by using a food thermometer. Simply insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the food to check if it has reached the minimum safe temperature for consumption.

You can check the safe minimum internal temperature on the website

Air Fryer Common Food Cooking Chart

You can use this chart as your ultimate cheatsheet.

Meat and Seafood

Food° C° FAir Fryer Time
Baby Back Ribs20040025 to 30 minutes
Bacon (regular)2004006 to 8 minutes
Bacon (thick cut)2004008 to 10 minutes
Brats2004008 to 10 minutes
Burgers1903708 to 10 minutes
Chicken Breast19037520 to 25 minutes
Chicken Drumsticks19037020 minutes
Chicken Tenders20040010 to 12 minutes
Chicken Tights20040025 minutes
Chicken Wings19037510 to 12 minutes
Cod1903708 to 10 minutes
London Broil20040024 to 28 minutes
Meatballs2004008 to 10 minutes
Meat Loaf16032535 to 45 minutes
Pork Chops16037512 to 15 minutes
Pork Sausages20040018 to 20 minutes
Ribeye (bone in)20040010 to 15 minutes
Salmon2004005 to 7 minutes
Sausage Patties2004008 to 10 minutes
Shrimp1903755 to 10 minutes
Steak20040010 to 15 minutes
Tilapia2004006 to 9 minutes
Tuna Steak2004008 to 10 minutes
Air Fryer Meat and Seafood cooking times


Food° C° FAir Fryer Time
Asparagus1903754 to 6 minutes
Baked Potatoes20040040 to 45 minutes
Beets20040040 to 45 minutes
Broccoli2004008 to 10 minutes
Brussels Sprouts17035015 to 20 minutes
Butternut Squash (cubes)19037520 to 25 minutes
Carrots19037515 to 25 minutes
Cauliflower20040010 to 12 minutes
Eggplant20040012 to 15 minutes
Green Beans19037516 to 20 minutes
Mushrooms2004005 to 8 minutes
Peppers1903758 to 10 minutes
Sweet Potatoes (cubes)19037515 to 20 minutes
Zucchini20040010 to 12 minutes
Air Fryer Vegetables cooking times

Bakes and Breads

Food° C° FAir Fryer Time
Bread180-200360 to 40035 to 45 minutes
Brownies16032540 to 45 minuted
Cookies1603258 to 10 minutes
Cupcakes16032510 to 12 minutes
Garlic bread1703502 to 4 minutes
Air Fryer Bread cooking times
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